For the safety of the Dancers and Teachers, the following is a requirement upon entry:




1. Parents or family members will not be allowed inside of the studio. 

2. Dancers must be dressed BEFORE entering the studio. 

3. Shoes will be left outside on shoe rack (except after-school students), best to wear flip     flops, do not walk in any form of dance shoes outside.

4. Please do not bring any extra clothing. No T-shirts, jackets or socks. 

5. Upon entry, dancers must have a face mask or one will be provided. 

6. Dancers will be given a wipe to sanitize themselves, then hand sanitizer     will be used before and after class. 

7. Dance rehearsals are naturally 6ft apart, so thats a given.

8. Parents must pick up dancers on time, so floors can be cleaned before         the next class. 

9. Please do not bring dancer to rehearsal if they do not feel well, have

    been around anyone that's sick or even have a cold. We would          

    appreciate your honesty. 

10. Dancers can leave their cell phones home as they carry germs.

11. Please try to use the restroom before coming to the studio, especially the 2.5-4 year olds dancers.  


*All MyDC Staff and Volunteers are fully vaccinated